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 Working bee levy...

The working bee levy was introduced to WPMAC at the AGM of 2013.

The reason for this levy introduction was to alleviate the work load to the minority of members that turn up at working bees to carry out all the maintenance and improvement at WPMAC field. The idea of the levy is to make it fair to all club members in regards to participation at WPMAC working bees.

In the past at WPMAC there has been a lack of member’s wanting to participate in any type of working bees. Due to the levy, if people choose not to participate then they will contribute to a maintenance fund that will allow WPMAC to pay external contractors to conduct maintenance and improvement requirements at WPMAC field. A levy is used by a vast number of clubs and schools around Australia.


Below is the protocol of this levy.

The working bee levy is $100.00 per year for Full membership.

  • The working bee levy is $100.00 per year for Pensioner Membership.

  • The working bee levy is $50.00 per year for Associate Membership.

  • There is no working bee levy for Junior Membership.

  • There is no working bee levy for Social Membership.
  • Attendance for a member over the age of 80 years not compulsory.
  • The levy is part of the renewal fees at the end of the financial year for your membership for the next financial year.
  • **NOTE** this is not a cash in hand rebate and will only be used in your next financial years renewal fees.

  • There are four fixed working bees a year that count towards the levy, these working bees are listed on the clubs web site calendar.

  • To qualify for a rebate for your working bee levy, each year you will be required to participate in two working bees, each working bee will entitle you to a $50.00 rebate towards your fees at your next renewal. There is a maximum of $100.00 rebate per year.  If you join after halfway through the year (after Dec 31) your levy and working bee participation requirements will be reduced by 50%.

  • **NOTE**If you join after the last levy working bee has been conducted for that financial year there will be no requirements.

  • People attending the working bees are themselves responsible for contacting the responsible person on the day to mark them down for their attendance

  • NOTE- it is not the responsibility of the WPMAC committee to chase people for their attendance ...

  • Working bees will commence at 900 am and after 930 am your attendance will not be marked down as present on the day.

  • Working bees will finish at 1300 approx ,work still require after 1300 is purely voluntary.

  • If you are not physically able to participate in working bees (medically) it is the responsibility of the member to notify the committee by email or writing with the reasons why. Alternative options may be discussed.

  • From time to time there will be requirement to carryout out unscheduled working bees when circumstances arise at the WPMAC field. These unscheduled working bees are not counted as levy working bees .These working bees are voluntary but participation would be greatly appreciated.

The working bee levy is an essential part of WPMAC moving into the future in maintaining it infrastructures and its future growth.


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