Good Evening fellow members, We have had some long awaited good news from both the Victorian Government and the VMAA. 

Following the Premiers announcements today, and correspondence received from the VMAA this afternoon. As of Midnight Tuesday 27th October 2020 we can re-open the club to members for flying...Some rules still apply however; 
  • We will still need to limit the attendance to 10 people.
  • We will still be required to social distance (keeping minimum of 1.5mtrs)
  • We will need to ensure that we are wearing masks
  • We will need to ensure that we are using the sign in system that is in place, so that if the was an issue relating to Covid19 we can retrace who was in attendance and what times etc...
  • The Kitchen is to remain closed at this stage.
  • Toilets are fine to be used.
  • The announcements today, however did not lift the 25km travel rule.
The above are some very minor inconveniences, but I feel that you will agree, its a fair price to pay to be able to enjoy our hobby and see our friends with the improving weather upon us. 

Hopefully there will be further easing of restrictions in the near future, and we will be able advise you of these developments as the come to hand

If you have any questions regarding the re-opening please feel free to contact me anytime.

Justin Trist 
WPMAC Secretary