Below is the details of this Protocol.

Mowing days
After 1530.
Signage to be used to give flyers 20min warning till mowing/maintenance is to be conducted.

Mowing activities can be conducted at any time during the week and weekends.
The protocol for times when out side the designated mowing times is that flying takes preference over mowing, all mowing to cease or move to not flying area by 20 min after a club member requests to go flying.

In turn when inside the designated mowing time mowing will take preference over flying and on arrival at the field to conduct mowing,  placement of the 20 min warning sign on back of pilots box announcing to all flyers that flying activities will stop within 20 min until mowing has been completed.


****Signage is to be put up at all time with 20 min warning and then rotated to no flying permitted****

Alistair cox
WPMAC president