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JR 36mhz Receivers
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JR 36mhz Receivers

October 2017
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Revised Constitution Amendments2017 - Db Levels

Notification - Special Resolution - General Meeting No311 - 13.6.17

Minor Constitutional amendments available for download from the Documents Folder - Revised Constitution Amendments 2017

Also for voting will be a Special Resolution to increase our current db level of 96db to 98db


WPMAC Committee


Minutes & Constitution Amendments

We have two files for you to download, both from the Documents Menu, So you will need to Log in.
The first file, is the Minutes from our last meeting dated 11.4.17 Meeting No309 if you so wish....go to Minutes 2017
The second file relates to minor amendments the committee would like to suggest in regard to our current constitution. Available for your perusal, again go to the documents menu, to all documents, then to documents and download WPMAC Constitution Amendments 2017.
We can then discuss at next next club meeting No310 9.5.17
Steve G   

David Feather Scale Comp

David Feather Scale Comp

to be held on 21st of May.

Pilot Reg: 0830

Pilot Briefing: 0930

Comp Start: 1000


$5 per aircraft.




Nepean - Fun Scale day

Fun Scale Day

Saturday 25th March

Register starts 9.00am,Pilots briefing 9.30 am, Comp Starts 10.00am

No Entry Fee 

One plane per pilot.

There will be no categories, Military and Civil  will mix it up. 

Medallions will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd. 

There will be two or more rounds with each round consisting of 5 manoeuvres 

1. Take off & Climb Out 2. Your Choice, 3. Straight and level fly past,4.Your choice, 5.Rectangular Circuit & Land

The “Your Choice” will be dependant on what your full size aircraft could do. It could be a loop or roll or Immelmann or Procedure Turn or inverted etc.

Preferably the manouvers are done one after the other but if you need to re position your self we can work with that.


Hope to see you there as competitor or spectator.

Ian Farrar 


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