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Steve G

P&DARCS Scratch & Kit Scale Rally 5th and 6th of November 2016


P&DARCS are celebrating their 50th anniversary with a fantastic scale event.


There will be prizes and trophies for pilot's choice.


For Information on the event, just go to the P&DARCS website or the VMAA website.


Online entry is available so why not register and come along for a great weekend.

Nepean Scale Fun Day

Sunday 13th Nov
Register starts 9.00am,Pilots briefing 9.30 am, Comp Starts 10.00am
No Entry Fee 
One plane per pilot.
There will be no categories, Military and Civil  will mix it up. 
Medallions will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd. 
There will be two or more rounds with each round consisting of 5 manoeuvres 
1. Take off & Climb Out 2. Your Choice, 3. Straight and level fly past,4.Your choice, 5.Rectangular Circuit & Land
The “Your Choice” will be dependant on what your full size aircraft could do. It could be a loop or roll or Immelmann or Procedure Turn or inverted etc.
Preferably the manouvers are done one after the other but if you need to re position your self we can work with that.
I have attached an entry form for the day. If you can print it and fill it in for the day it would be appreciated.
One pilot at a time at the flight line. There will be a list of pilots first to last so you can see when you are up next.
Have a caller beside you to call the manoeuvres for you, they can also assist in taking your plane out and bringing it in.
If you can’t find a caller we will find one for you.
Hope to see you there as competitor or spectator.
Ian Farrar 

General Meeting Minutes - 303 - 10.10.16


Minutes from Tuesday nights meeting now available for download from the Documents Menu

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