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JR 36mhz Receivers
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JR 36mhz Receivers

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WPMAC Tenants

WPMAC Airbnb is pleased to announce that it now has it's first clients, 
the Plover family otherwise known as the Masked Lapwing or Spurwing Plover,
took up residence on Sunday the 15.10.17, already Mum has laid 4 eggs and Dad is
keeping a discreet but watchful eye on the surrounding area. Keep in mind this is a short term lease, indications are however that the parents and
chicks may still be in the area for at least the month. So be aware of your speed when driving into the carpark and watch your step when walking around, the residence is marked out with a couple of cones. Your assistance in this matter is appreciated. WPMAC is a wildlife friendly noisey planes please. Stephen Gray - Wildlife Environment Officer

WPMAC Field Closure

In the interests of community spirit, and interacting with other local community groups, 
the field will be closed on Thursday 19.10.17 in the evening from 1800 for
Flare Training by the local Coast Guard Unit. Cheers Steve G

WWI Combat Comp

The competition director has announced that we will hold a combat comp flying biplanes from WWI era.

Ongoing competitions are envisaged, but no date is yet set for the first one.

The regulations are set out in the Competitons section.  Refer here for the actual rules on this one.

For registered members, we also have some plans for suitable aircraft to use in this comp.

Note that both files are PDF, and about 10 MByte in size. So they may take a few mins to download.

They can be printed actual size at office works, or you can print over split pages on your home printer.


Fokker dIIV


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